Terms and Conditions

KAISHI TRAVEL TRAVEL AGENCY AND TOUR OPERATOR with RNT No. 8936of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, is fully responsible for the products and quality of the services described in its programs in accordance with the provisions of Law 300 of 1996, Decree 1075 / 97, the Responsibility Clause on decree 2438/2010 and the regulations that modify, add or reform it. Rates are subject to change, availability and validity without notice. In accordance with the provisions of Law 1480 of 2011 in its article 47 and Decree 1499 of 2014, the user may make use the right of withdrawal as long as the purchase has been made by non-traditional methods. In cases where this right is used, KAISHI TRAVELwill process the refund with the hotel or provider, as long as the user makes use of this right within the next 5 business days of purchase as established by law, taking into account that if the use of the service is within these 5 business days, THE USER will not be able to request a refund of his money, likewise, KAISHI TRAVELwill apply penalties or discounts which are established by the provider. The products and services purchased will be settled with the TRM (Market Exchange Rate) on the day of payment. Rates may vary based on availability or established validity. Restrictions and conditions apply for each published rate according to its validity.


We are committed with the compliance of the Law 679 of 2001 on the prevention of prostitution, pornography, sex tourism and other forms of sexual exploitation with children and adolescents.


You must know that


Prices only include the services indicated in the published plan. National or foreign regulatory bodies may charge additional charges. The services that make up the tourism plan will be subject to the conditions of the plan The hotel reservation is confirmed, only, at the time of payment of the travel plan, in accordance with the terms and conditions established by the land service providers that are part of the plan of chosen trip.


The prices of the plans offered or published at the time of the quote are subject to change without notice. The prices valid at the time of the confirmation of the sale and subsequent payment of the travel plan are respected.


The quotes generated in the system show availability and values ​​at the time of issuance. They do NOT imply the confirmation of hotel reservations nor tours, therefore, availability in the quoted hotel and rates indicated therein are not guaranteed, if the reservation and confirmation of the services of the respective travel plan is made subsequently.


With the issuance of Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1377 of 2013, the General Regime for Personal Data Protection came into effect, which develops the constitutional right of all persons to know, update and rectify all types of information collected or that has been subject to the processing of personal data in banks or databases and in general in archives of public and / or private entities. To comply with the provisions of this regulation, KAISHI TRAVEL as responsible for the processing of personal data obtained through its different marketing and contact channels, requests customers, users in general and any natural person whose personal information rests on the bases of Kaishi Travel data authorization to continue the processing of your personal data in accordance with the available Privacy Policies.


The information and personal data provided by you may be used by KAISHI TRAVEL, for the purpose of developing the functions of your service, send information and advertising of products and / or services available, and deliver reports to the surveillance and control authorities.


General Conditions


– Rates valid until January 15, 2021.


– Rates and itineraries subject to availability and changes without prior notice.


– Once the reservation is completed, the passenger or his representative accepts the conditions of the selected plan or route, including advance payments and cancellation policies and accepts the travel requirements, as well as the instructions given by the guides, official agents and operators before to start the trip and during it.


– The reservation of the trip to participate in any of the plans or routes designed, indicates that nothing will be implicit in the tour, if it is not related and described in each program.


– All passengers must carry their personal documents, as well as their medicines and personal belongings.


– Travelers must attend all legal, moral and disciplinary behaviors. Luggage must be of standard size and each traveler will have the responsibility for the care of their own objects.


– The cancellation of the land portion must be made at least eight (8) days before of the tour starting date. Unused services will be reimbursed after discounting penalties, administrative costs and other taxes caused in accordance with Agency policies.


Liability Clause


KAISHI TRAVEL Tour Operator with RNT No. 8936 is covered under the clause established in Article 3 Decree 053 of January 18, 2020 and its addenda.


– KAISHI TRAVEL, Tour Operator, is responsible for the appropriate provision and quality of the services specified in the tours described in its catalogs and / or website, limiting its responsibility for events such as accidents, strikes, raids, earthquakes and any another case of force majeure that may occur during the trip.


– Traveler will not have the right, when he must cancel or interrupt the trip due to force majeure once he has started it, to the refund of the value corresponding to unused services, in accordance with the policies of each provider.


– The values ​​corresponding to refunds specified in the previous item will be delivered or recorded in the account that the passenger or agency acting on their behalf specifies, within 20 days from the date of receipt of the request.


– In case of cancellation of air tickets, the rules of the airlines and the competent bodies such as IATA (International Air Transport Association) will be observed. In the case of charter operations, the cancellation clauses are those applied by the intervening operator.


– KAISHI TRAVEL, Tour Operator, reserves the right to modify the itinerary, transportation and in the same way, to change the hotel for one of the same or better category, prior notice to the passenger or their representatives, if the circumstances require it, with the in objective to provide the best service to the traveler.


– KAISHI TRAVEL, Tour Operator, reserves the right to withdraw from the tour the person who, due to a serious moral, disciplinary cause or who incurs any conduct that jeopardizes the success of the plan, and the corresponding value will be reimbursed to services not enjoyed, after the discounts described in section 2 have been made.


– KAISHI TRAVEL, Tour Operator, declines any responsibility for legal matters or other inconveniences in which the user may be involved, in case the user is forced to interrupt the trip for such reasons and also, against the personal expenses incurred by the passenger.


– KAISHI TRAVEL, Tourism Operator, will advise on the necessary documentation for the trip but assumes no responsibility for the expenses, information, withdrawal and rejection of visas. The documents submitted by the Operator are the responsibility of the user.


– In land, river and sea transport, the agency expressly denies any responsibility in case of loss, damage or theft in luggage for any circumstance. We recommend passengers to witness the handling, loading and unloading of the same. The IATA regulation will be applied in air transportation.


– Regarding the land portion towards Alta Guajira, if the vehicle is stuck in the desert and the arrival at the airport is delayed and the flight is lost, KAISHI TRAVEL will not be responsible for paying the fine for changing the date of the air reservation or accommodation and food costs.


– The cost of the trip varies according to the routes chosen by the visitor, the type of means of transportation, the local or rural accommodation, which will be defined at the time of reservation, however visitor may take additional services with their respective surcharge.


– At the time of the reservation a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the trip will be required, paying the remaining 50% eight (8) days before the start date of the tour. Prices are based on current rates and therefore subject to change without notice.


Penalties for Cancellations


– Cancellations produced after the reservation, originate 10% of the amount of the circuit.


– Cancellations submitted between 10 and 15 days before the start date of the trip originate 25% of the amount of the circuit.


– Cancellations produced 9 to 5 days before the start date of the trip originate 40% of the total amount of the circuit.


– Cancellations produced up to 2 days before the start date of the trip originate 80% of the total amount of the circuit.


– No show originates 100% of the total amount of the circuit.


– Such refunds will be processed through the selling agency at the end of the trip.




– The boot service, when included in the program, is provided by operators, at airports and at other boarding locations. The hotels have their own staff for this purpose.


– The presentation for boarding at airports must obey the margin established by the airlines.


– The passenger may request the acquisition of a policy that covers aspects such as loss, theft, deterioration or damage of their personal effects.


Physical Requirements


Healthy physical conditions within normal. There are health services (hospitals) in Riohacha, Uribia, Maicao and Nazareth and health posts in Puerto López, Puerto Estrella and Cabo de la Vela.




– Get vaccinated against yellow fever, take Thiamine (B complex) eight days before to avoid mosquitoes.


– Bring for your personal use: canteen, razor, toiletries such as toilet paper, brush and towel, soap and toothpaste, preferably biodegradable, trekking shoes and sandals or beach shoes, 2 changes of clothes for warm weather, (the least amount of luggage) t-shirts, pants, swimsuit and shorts, flashlight with spare batteries, sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses with UV filter, sun hat, identification documents, personal kit, camera, thermal insulation, sleeping bag, long-sleeved sweatshirt or a sheet, the area we will visit is semi-desert which tells us that nights can be cold, especially in the early morning.