Photographic Route

Alta Guajira

COD. 006W

We take our passengers to special sites for their observation in the Natural National Park Makuira where we can find subspecies and we travel around the peninsula, as it is a big entrance for migratory birds. These tours are tailor made for clients. We also have bird watching instruction conferences for beginners to achieve learn more about our wildlife with local guides.


– Welcoming in Riohacha and departure to Camarones where you can see the pink flamingoes.


– Lunch, Wayuu Rancheria, welcoming with a typical cocktail, dances, handcrafts, interaction with the Wayuu’s.


– Departure to Uribia to get dinner and accommodation at the hotel.

– Breafast and departure through the guajiran desert towards Cerro de la Teta, and theb Wesosopo.  Lunch and transfer towards Warpana passing through Castilletes.


– Dinner and accommodation in Warpana at a Wayuu hostel and spend the night in Wayuu typical chinchorros.

– Breakfast and departure towards Nazareth, visit the national natural park Makuira.


– Lunch, visit the Mekijanao Dune.


– Dinner and accommodation in Nazareth in a Wayuu hostel.

– Breakfast and departure towards Puerto Estrella, visit Neimao beach, the Dune of the Ducks. Lunch and continuing towards Punta Gallinas passing through the Taroa Dunes.


– Dinner and accommodation in Punta Gallinas in a Wayuu hostel.

– Breakfast and visit to the Punta Gallinas Lighthouse, the most norther point of South America and Colombia. Lunch and afternoon beach in Punta Aguja.


– Dinner and accommodation in Punta Gallinas in a Wayuu hostel

– Breakfast and departure towards el Cabo de la Vela passing through Pusheo.


– Lunch and enroute towards Portete, Puerto Boiivar and arrival to Cabo de la Vela.


– Dinner and accommodation in a Wayuu hostel

– Breakfast and visit to the Sugar Pylos, The Lighthouse and Water Eye beaches.


– Lunch and transportation towards Manaure salt mines.


– Dinner and accommodation in a hotel either in Riohacha or Albania

– Breakfast and departure towards Riohacha’s airport.

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