La Guajira

Location, extension and limits


La Guajira department is located in the northernmost of the country and the Caribe plain, in the most northern part of South America, located between 10º23′ and 12º28′ north latitude, and 71º06′ and 73º39′ west length. It counts with a 20.848 km2 surface that represent 1.8% of national territory. Within the north it limits with the Caribbean Sea, by the east it limits the Caribbean Sea and Venezuela, by the south with the Cesar department and by the west with the Magdalena department and the Caribbean sea.



* Surface: 20.848 km2

* Population: 526.148 hab (DANE 2005 projection)

* Density: 25.33hab/km2

* Capital: Riohacha – 99.472 hab (DANE 2005 projection)

* Attractions: tourist pier, boardwalk, Marina Avenue, historical center, cathedral our lady of remedies, murals.

In Guajira the cultural highlights are the Wayuu, the Kowis and Arhuacos, and the Wiwas from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, located by Dibulla and San Juan del Cesar. African descent groups, Zenu in Maicao, Muslim colony in Maicao.

Gastronomy is quite varied, given the location of the settlement or the culture, their diet varies. Those living in coastal areas base their feeding in seafood, in the southern and central areas principally products obtained from agriculture and livestock especially goats.



* Wildlife sanctuary of the Pink Flamingos (Riohacha – Camarones)
* Visit Manaure salt ponds
* Riohacha beaches
* Riohacha’s Tourist wharf and boardwalk
* Mayapo Beaches (Manaure)
* Visit Rancheria Wayuu
* Cabo de la Vela (Uribia)
* Pilon Sugar Beaches (Uribia)
* Lighthouse (Uribia)
* Waterhole (Uribia)
* Punta Gallinas (Uribia)
* Taroa dunes (Uribia)
* Punta Gallinas Lighthouse (Uribia)
* Ducks Lagoon and Dune (Uribia)
* Neimao Beaches (Uribia)
* Macuira Natural National Park (Uribia)
* Stone of Destiny Punta Espada (Uribia)
* Aerolito of Warpana (Uribia)
* Puerto Lopez Lagoon (Uribia)
* Flor de La Guajira (Uribia)
* Castillete- border point with Venezuela (Uribia)
* Maicao – shopping, Muslim Mosque in Maicao
* Cerrejon Mine (Albania)