Kaishi Travel

Since 2003 Kaishi Travel working for Colombia



* With 70% sales abroad Kaish Travel is consolidated with the leading Operating Agency of La Guajira.


* With more than 50 plans, routes and segmented tourist packages, the agency has been innovating in offer for foreigners and nationals.


* Supporting the region is its main purpose, artisans and indigenous people who allow tourists to get involved in their culture.

The Travel Agency and Operator was born on the initiative of the bogotano Andres Delgado Orozco, business manager, who after having had the opportunity to work in a tourism company has the vision of working for the peninsula tourism, especially Uribia, the indigenous capital of Colombia, where he settled and after 9 years, moves to Riohacha, the capital of La Guajira.


KAISHI TRAVEL is today the Travel Agency of La Guajira with a greater recognition by the Wayuu communities thanks to the work in the rescue and preservation of its culture, achieving an adequate management of the environment, the environment and preserving the flora and fauna.  Socially, it motivates the Wayuu community in creating their own companies to solve their basic needs.


KAISHI TRAVEL as a service provider, aims to be the largest operator of eco, ethno and cultural tourism, extreme and adventure of La Guajira (High and Low) with plans, packages and routes designed for each traveler.


Proof of its commitment to the region are the different recognitions received by Procolombia, the Ministry of Trade Industry and Tourism as the oldest Agency in La Guajira, in addition to awards given by the Governor of La Guajira and the Secretary of Tourism of the Department.


In order to lead the region’s receptive tourism, KAISHI TRAVEL works with local ideal staff, always willing to collaborate with each traveler, to meet their needs, provide security and compliance with the expectations of tourists, with guides fully spanish and english and in strategic alliances with recognized companies in the national tourism industry and exhibiting the best of the region at national and international trade shows.


From the high to the lower Guajira, the Travel Agency has designed a portfolio of routes with themes and experiential itineraries to travel the great diversity of attractions that the department offers. From the traditional route Manaure, Uribia, Cabo de la Vela, El Cerrejon, to the wonderful dunes of Taroa, the desert, the Makuira National Park, Punta Gallinas and Safaris through the desert, in addition to its Wayuu Cultural Festival, the Yonna, the Wayuu handcrafts, gastronomy and its culture, everything what envelops the magic of the indigenous mixed with the white population.


Innovating with funerary routes in which it is possible to say goodbye to loved ones through a quiet ritual at sea scattering the cremation ashes, passing through all-inclusive nautical tours such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, to tours around the peninsula of La Guajira to taste the typical dishes offered by the mountains and the coasts, getting to know in first hand, its ingredients and its uses in the typical cuisine of the region, are the various activities with which KAISHI TRAVEL has innovated in the international market.


The plans last three to eight days of travel, depending on the choice, where travelers have the opportunity to live incredible experiences with indigenous communities such as, know their crafts, stay in rancherias, know their gastronomy and visit the main tourist centers of the destination.


KAISHI TRAVEL invite nationals and foreigners to know the riches of the peninsula and the Wayuu community. The specialized and certified travel agency in Quality and Environmental Care, offers on its website reservations and payments online, thus generating greater proximity to the destination.

Social Responsibility


In its commitment to sustainability, Kaishi promotes the protection of ecosystems, fauna and flora in the Wayuu community, related personnel and tourists, in order to preserve them for future generations by making a control of waste generated during the development of their activities, discouraging the consumption of native fauna and flora that is endangered in the typical dishes offered to the tourist and spreading environmentally responsible behaviors.


Kaishi Travel is an organization that has as goal to promote and work in eco and ethno-tourism in the regions of La Guajira and Alta Guajira motivating the entrepreneurial spirit of the different visited Wayuu rancherias.


Promotes sale of crafts and the provision of services to tourists, and as a result it contributes with the improvement of the quality of life of the Wayuu community.


Kaishi Travel performs commerce practices that will allow the Wayuu’s to strengthen the infrastructure of the provision of services in their rancherias for tourists.



To be the tour operator in La Guajira that works for the conservation of the Wayuu culture. To promote the touristic attractions, strengthening the work infrastructure of each and every one of the rancherias, which are adequate for visitors with good management and preservation of the flora and fauna, motivating Wayuu families to create their own company to cover their basic needs.



Being the operator of ecotourism, ethno-tourism and adventure tourism with greater recognition by the Wayuu communities in La Guajira and Alta Guajira, in the national and international market.


Tourists are offered a comprehensive safety, quality of service, as they have qualified staff with friendly, accurate and timely care. Guidance is provided so they can enjoy the natural goodness of corner of this region thus obtaining satisfied travelers, advocates of the ecology and appropriate of the cultures.


Kaishi counts only with qualified staff, kind and eager to collaborate with each customer, in addition of providing security and compliance in their daily work as tourist attention.


We speak Spanish and English, we have strategic alliances with national and internationally recognized companies in the tourism sector.



With Kaishi, the word “tourism” is the experience of an unforgettable tour, since it conveys the most the feelings of the Wayuu, and feelings that come from the heart of the guidance that accompanies them on their journey is evoked. Authentic Wayuu that were trained to enter you into the most depth places of their land, landscapes and cultural customs, Kaishi and the Wayuu community work together to get them to have a better and bigger life level involving health, education, employment and sustainability: all of this thanks to an economic and service activity: TOURISM.

Kaishi has only qualified personnel in his work, who are friendly and always ready to collaborate with each client. In addition to providing security and compliance in their daily work such as tourist care.
We speak Spanish and English, we have strategic alliances with nationally and internationally recognized companies in the tourism sector.

– Wayuu.

– Ecotourism.

– Trekking.

– Bird watching.

– Trail interpretation.

– Photography.

– Landscaping.

– Visits to rancherias.

– Artisanal workshops.

– Adventure.

– Rally.

– Kitesurf.

– Windsurf.