Kaishi Travel Plans Requirements

KAISHI TRAVEL, Tour Operator, is subject to liability established by law 300/96 and D. R. 1075-1097: “The exploitation and sexual abuse of minors is punishable by deprivation of freedom, in accordance with the provisions of Law 679 of 2001.”

Kaishi plans include


* All meals and lodging.

* Breakfast: eggs, coffee or chocolate, corn cake, fried fish or fish.

* Lunch and / or dinner: fish, red snapper, sierra, crappie, bass, shrimp rice or seasonal fish, goat, chicken, served with white rice, salad, fried plantain or chop (banana) with (1) soda or beer or cool beverage.

* For vegetarians or any special menus please notify with time. For complete hydration after sailing and high Guajira, drinking water sachets will be in a cooler with ice in each vehicle.

* Tickets to the National Park the Macuira; specific plans in this journey.

* Guide and driver guiding the tour.

* Tour guide for the whole trek.

* Bilingual guide (English) if required.

* Accommodation at the hotel Riohacha is chosen.

* Accommodation at the Cabo de la Vela is in inns or bed Wayuu hammock, private bathroom.

* Accommodation in High Guajira is in beds, mattress or tent.

* The Minibar is optional and will be worth COP$450.000 includes 1 bottle 750cc whisky Old Parr, a bottle of red wine and a Chilean white wine, snacks Pringles, peanuts (2 bags).

* Transportation by air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles and cars full.

* Each tourist must bring a copy of the itinerary.

* You will be given a map of each group Guajira or car.

* In winter there may be delays, and it is possible that we fail to enter certain places, the route is changed.



* Boat rides.

* Night at lonely island COP$150.000 plus in hammock for 1 or 10 pax or walk in Hondita Bay 1½ to see the flamingos.

* Extreme Sports windsurfing, kite surfing, paragliding, cycling.

* Transport to and from the park Tayrona or Santa Marta.

* Purchase crafts.

* Shopping in stores on the way.

* Lobster or shrimp COP$20.000 (additional weight)

General Conditions


* Rates valid until 15 January 2022.

* Prices and itineraries are subject to availability and change.

* The application of the reservation, the passenger or his representative accepts the conditions of each program, including policies of advance payments and cancellations and agree to abide by the requirements that are made prior to the trip, as well as comments by part of the guides and staff of the agency and its operators are made at the beginning and during development.

* Booking travel to participate in any of these conditions implies that nothing should be understood or imagined to be included if it is described in the programs.

* All passengers must bring necessary personal documentation, and medical and personal items.

* The passenger must comply with legal, moral, disciplinary, luggage and be responsible if the items carried.

* Cancellation of land lots must be at least one week prior to departure, except that the operator, with prior notice, specifies different deadlines. Be reimbursed the value for unused services performed after deductions in the form of penalties, administrative costs, and show no other expenses and taxes due in accordance with the policies of each supplier and the agency.

Responsability Clause


KAISHI TRAVEL, Tour Operator National Tourism Registry No.8936, has used the liability clause set forth in Article 3 of Decree 053 of January 18, 2002 and its subsequent amendments:

* Kaishi TRAVEL, Tour Operator, is responsible for the proper provision and quality of the services specified in the tours described in catalogs and / or website, limiting their liability for events such as accidents, strikes, riots, earthquakes and other force majeure that may occur during the trip.

* The traveler is not entitled, when you need to cancel or interrupt the trip due to force majeure once the same, to refund the value for unused services, in accordance with the policies of each vendor.

* Values for reimbursement specified in the previous item will be delivered or entered in the account that the passenger or agency acting on its behalf specify, within 20 days from the date of receipt of the request.

* In case of cancellation of air tickets, shall follow the rules of airlines and agencies such as IATA (International Air Transport Association). For charter operations cancellation clauses are applied by the operator intervening

* Kaishi TRAVEL, Tour Operator reserves the right to change the itinerary, transport and similarly, to change the hotel for one of equal or better standard notice to passengers or their representatives, if circumstances require, in order to provide the best service to travelers.

* Kaishi TRAVEL, Tour Operator reserve the right to withdraw from the tour to the person because of grave moral, disciplinary or incurred in any conduct that endangers the success of the plan, and will be reimbursed the value at services not enjoyed, made after the discounts described in section 2.

* Kaishi TRAVEL, Tour Operator, disclaims any legal liability to other problems that may be involved in the user, if the user is forced to break the journey for these reasons and also, against personal expenses incurred by the passenger.

* Kaishi TRAVEL, Tour Operator, advise on the necessary documentation for the trip but does not assume any responsibility for the expenses, information, withdrawal and rejection of visas. Are the user’s documents were delivered by the Operator.

* In land transport, river and sea, the agency expressly disclaims all liability for loss, damage or theft in luggage for any reason. We recommend those passengers who witness the handling, loading and unloading the same. In air transport IATA regulations will be applied.

* As to the land portion corresponding to the Alta Guajira, if the vehicle in the desert and atolla is late arrival at the airport and miss your flight, Kaishi not be responsible for paying the penalty for changing the date of booking air or costs for room and board.

* The trip cost varies according to the route chosen by the visitor, the type of means of transport, local accommodation or rural which will be defined at the time of booking, however may take additional services with their respective charges.

* At the time of booking will require a deposit of 50% of the total amount of the trip, paying the remaining 50% 20 days before the tour starts. Prices are based on current rates and therefore subject to change without notice.

Cancellation Penalties


* Cancellations made after booking, cause 10% of the circuit.

* Cancellations made between 10 and 15 days before the start date of the trip originated 25% of the circuit.

* Cancellations made of 9-5 days before the start date of the trip originated 40% of the total circuit.

* Cancellations made up to 2 days before the start date of the trip originated 80% of the total circuit.

* No submission results in a 100% of the total circuit.

* These refunds will be processed through the selling agency at the end of the trip.



* The porter service, when included in the program is provided by operators, airports and other places of embarkation. The hotels have their own staff for this purpose.

* The presentation for boarding at airports should obey the margin set by the airlines.

* The passenger may request the purchase of a policy that covers issues such as loss, theft, damage or injury of their personal effects.

Physical Requirements


Physical conditions within normal healthy. It offers health services (hospitals) in Uribia, Maicao and Nazareth and health posts in Puerto Lopez, Puerto Estrella and Cabo de la Vela.



* Vaccination against yellow fever.

* Take Thiamine (complex B) eight days before to avoid mosquitoes.

* Take for personal use: water bottle, knife, toilet articles toilet paper, toothbrush, towel, soap and toothpaste, preferably biodegradable, hiking shoes and sandals or beach shoes, 2 pairs of clothes for warm weather, (the fewest baggage) shirts, shorts, bathing suit and shorts, flashlight with extra batteries, sunscreen and sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses with UV filter, sun hat, identity, personal first aid kit, camera Photographic.

* Thermal insulation, sleeping bag, sleeping long sleeve sweatshirt or blanket, to visit the area is semi-desert which tells us that the nights can be chilly, especially in the morning.