Do you have doubts about your trip to La Guajira?

Kaishi Travel answers them for you.

How do we get to Guajira?

Flying from Bogota to Riohacha, there are two daily flights. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. In a bus or private car from Valledupar 3½ hours, from Santa Marta 2½ hours.

How do I reserve?

Filling out the form attached to the plan, you are interested in, or emailing reservas@kaishitravel.com, indicating number of persons, probable trip dates, accommodation type, number of available days, attractions you want to visit in case you already have information about them.

You can find all this information in our website.

How do I pay?

After choosing the plan, payment can be done with a wire transfer to the checking account in Bancolombia (52637272934) under the name of Andres Delgado S.A.S., the sending payment confirmation to reservas@kaishitravel.com.

You can also pay online, below every plan price according to the number of persons, a buy link is shown, once you click on that link that will direct you to PayU’s, our secure payment platform, where you can pay by wire transfer, PSE, or credit card.

What type of accommodations are there in Guajira?

In Guajira we count with hotels of different categories and accommodations, from hostels to 3 and 4 star hotels. Hotels in Riohacha, Wayúu Hostels in El Cabo de la Vela, Punta Gallinas, Nazareth and with private bed and bathroom, hammocks and chinchorros, and Air Conditioned Hostels in Uribia.

How is the weather in La Guajira?

Weather in La Guajira, especially on the peninsula, is arid, dry and with high temperatures, modified a little by the sea breeze and the winds from the northeast that blow during most times of the year; the rains are rare and usually occur in the months of September to November, when the Tropical Convergence Zone (ZCIT) is moving north.

How are the roads?

Guajira department doesn’t have a road network, there is a highway that communicates Riohacha with the south of La Guajira by the national way, passing through Cuestecitas in Albania, Hato Nuevo, Barrancas, Fonseca, Distraccion, San Juan del Cesar, El Molino, Villanueva, Urumita and La Jagua del Pilar, which is connected in Valledupar with the eastern trunk; another highway departs from Paraguachon and connects with Maicao, Riohacha, Dibulla, Santa Marta and Barranquilla. There is a private road which communicates the Cerrejon from Albania with Uribia. Aditionally, there are carreteables that communicate between them great part of the attractions from the north, the towns and dirt roads are passable in summer in 4×4 vehicles.

What do plans include?

– Complete meals and accommodation.

– Breakfast: eggs, coffee or hot chocolate, arepa, mix of assorted fish or fried fish.

– Lunch and/or dinner: red snapper, sierra, mojarra, snook, shrimp rice or season fish, goat or chicken accompanied with white rice, salad, plantains.

– With (1) soda / beer / local cold drink or water bottle.

– For any vegetarians and/or special menus, we will ask you to advice in advance.

– Full hidrataron for el Cabo de la Vela and the Alta Guajira. Water bottle to drink stored in a cooler with ice that to take in every vehicle.

– Tickets to the National Natural Park La Macuira; (Just for the plans that include this tour).

– Expert counselor and driver throughout the trip.

– Expert guide for every hike.

– Bilingual (English) guide if required.

– Accommodation in Riohacha at the selected hotel.

– Accommodation in el Cabo de la Vela at Wayúu Hostels, either in hammocks or bed with private bathroom.

– Accommodation in Alta Guajira in hammocks mats or tents.

– Optional minibar for an additional $480.000. It includes a 750 ml Old Parr whiskey bottle, a red and white Chilean wine bottle, snacks, Pringles and peanuts (2 bags).

– Car and 4×4-vehicle transportation with air conditioning.

– Each tourist must bring a copy of his / her itinerary.

– A Guajira map for each group or car.

– During the winter, there may be delays and it is possible that some places will be inaccessible, so route needs to be changed.

Do plans include transportation?

Yes, transportation is included full air conditioned 4×4 vehicles.

Are there hospitals?

There are health centers in Riohacha, Maicao, Uribia, El Cabo de la Vela and Nazareth.

What precautions do I need to take?

Yellow Fever Vaccination, take Tiamina (B complex) eight days before to avoid mosquitoes, for your personal we recommend you to take: watter bottle, knife, personal items, toilet paper, towel, soap and toothpaste, preferably biodegradable, shoes for hiking and beach shoes or sandals, two pairs of clothes for warm weather (less amount of luggage possible), t-shirts, pants, swimwear, flashlight with spare batteries, sunscreen, insect repellent, UV filtered sunglasses, sun hat, I.D., personal first aid kit and camera.

Can pregnant woman travel?

Yes they can if they are not in the seventh month or after that, or they have been diagnosed a high-risk pregnancy.

From what age until what age people can travel?

Children from 2 and adults until 70, depending on their physical condition.

How is the weather and the temperature?

Generally is a hot weather climate with fresh breeze and a temperature of 28° to 30° celsius and nights are cooler.

Can handicapped people travel?

Yes, we have qualified personnel to be aware of them and help them with everything they require.