Social Responsability

Give a Wayuu craft and support the indigenous community

“Give a Wayuu craft and support the indigenous community” is the program through which Kaishi Travel serves as contact for the Wayuu artisans to market their crafts throughout the year without relying on seasonal tourism.. 

We support artisans from Uribia, Riohacha, Cabo de la Vela, Manaure, Nazareth and all the Alta Guajira, who receive their livelihood through developing their traditional fabrics, these being the representation of their culture and part of the Colombian identity.

The Wayuu culture also has musical expressions and the proof are the traditional instruments such as the Kashia or drum, horn or wind instrument, the Ontorroyoi or flute and Massi or small flute, made by indigenous craftsmen who and they are also offered for sale as a souvenir.

Should you want to Support the Wayuu communities, buying as a present some of these crafts, please contact us by e-mail at

Shipping costs will be covered by purchaser.


Kaishi Travel is a travel agency focused on the satisfaction of internal and external customers. Our work is directed to providing personalized, competitive and timely service, all under the compliance with legal requirements and the pursuit of continuous improvement of the organization.

We develop touristic fair and responsible activities to the human talent of the company, and apply sustainable practices that allow us to contribute to the care of cultural heritage, the proper use of natural resources and socio-economic development of the Guajira.

In its commitment to sustainability, Kaishi Travel promote the use of sustainable practices to work under a model to cause the least possible impact on the environment, helping the protection of ecosystems, fauna and flora in the Wayuu community, staff involved and tourists in order to preserve them for future generations.

Kaishi Travel will give conferences to discourage the consumption of native fauna and flora that are in danger of extinction in the dishes offered to tourists and disseminate environmentally responsible behaviors.

Will have suitable waste management models, resulting from the different tours and office operation.

For the cleaning of our facilities, priority is given to products that are environmentally friendly, whether organic or rapid decomposition.

The services contracted shall be in accordance with all the provisions of the law.

Kaishi Travel applies fair payment to their suppliers and company employees.

Kaishi Travel will encourage all agency employees to involve thought their contact and interaction with all customers into the sustainability concepts in which the company participates.

It will develop and support recycling campaigns that encourage customers and people in the community to participate and be part of a social culture beneficial to the environment.

Our agency is aware of the importance of cultural heritage so will reinforce the sense of belonging in our region. Likewise, our refusal to disclose trade and sexual exploitation of children and youth population, and will denounce cases.